Welcome to Raider Baseball

Where's the field and where do I park?

When entering the high school's main entrance off Hwy 369, go to the stop sign and turn left.  At the next stop sign, turn right and you can park in the lot to your immediate left as the baseball field will be directly to the right of the parking lot.  We encourage you to NOT park by the batting cages/classroom portables as that is foul boul territory.  Do NOT park on any curbs.

Where is the "visitor seating/side"?  

We do not have separate areas for home and visitor in the bleachers.  However, the visiting team will be in the 1st base dugout.  All bleachers are directly behind home plate.

Where do I buy my ticket?

As you enter the ballfield area, there will be a table set up behind the concession building.  Please pay here.

Where are the restrooms?

We have restrooms in the concession building on the bleacher side.